About Us

About Us

About Us

effire Company is engaged in the development, production and sales of Smartphones. effire Company is formed in 2014 by a team of experienced professionals in the Smartphone market, which have experience in this field for over 10 years. The formation of the Smartphone market occurred with the direct participation of the members of our team in far 2002, starting with the first Windows Mobile Smartphones under the brand «i-Mate / Qtek/HTC» (production orders were carried out by a little-known factory at that time, known as HTC nowadays), as well as Smartphones under the brands G-Smart, ASUS and others. One of the most interesting projects is the development of a unique device - a Smartphone-PC «IDA» in 2007-2008. The device is far ahead of ideology of existing at that time technological capabilities of the hardware implementation. The following goal is realized: to create wearable (handheld) device that provides a user with all necessary services of a Smartphone allowing to replace a laptop or desktop PC completely.

Key Features:

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• CPU Intel Atom Z series, 2GHz. 
• Memory RAM 1GB, ROM (SSD) 32GB. Support for external Memory cards. 
• 3G, Wi-Fi, Bt, GPS, USB2.0, HDMI connection. 
• Pocket size 125 * 78 * 20. 
• The front and the back camera AF. 
• Touchscreen (capacitive) display of 4.3" with a resolution 1020x600 points, tracking multiple points simultaneously pressed (multi-touch). 
• The main features of the phone - voice calls, SMS. 
• Full-featured PC with Windows 7. 
• Easy finger-oriented user interface. 
• An external cradle (hot plugging) provides: power, HDMI, 3xUSB2.0, Ethernet interfaces.

About Us
About Us

Our advantages

What distinguishes effire from many other smartphone manufacturers? Firstly, we do not produce a lot of faceless Smartphones for blunt filling of trade matrix with screens from 3.5 to 6 inches with the task to fill up the market with cheap variety. Secondly, we do not copy the designs of other manufacturers. Each of our models has its own unique design. Third, we carefully analyze the needs of potential customers. This is our basis to form a balanced and optimal set of features in the device really used by customers without overpaying for unused features. Fourth, we seek to develop and enhance our devices with useful "know-hows". Some of them are patented. Fifth, and the most important, we put our hearts in the development of our devices, turning them into friends and partners to help customers in communication and everyday life. Proximity to production, concentration of all the necessary resources for the implementation of ideas, reasonable prices - all these determined the placement of effire development center in Shenzhen, China, a world-renowned center of development and production of Smartphones.

We are glad to meet you and discuss the development, manufacture and supply conditions of unique Smartphones!